Root canals

Endodontic treatments (root canals)

Endodontic treatments, commonly known as root canals, are used to remove infected, deteriorated or already dead tissue from a tooth. Often, this makes it possible to avoid extracting the tooth. The canal is the space located inside the hard layers of the tooth. And in the canal, there is soft tissue called dental pulp that contains blood vessels and nerves used for tooth growth. Food particles that penetrate the tooth through damaged obturators, deep decays or cracks can sometimes cause an abscess. This abscess creates an infection in the dental pulp—and a root canal will eventually be needed to remove it. Neglecting to treat an abscess can cause serious problems for your mouth and general health. Fortunately, several pain-free treatment options are now available.

Why get a root canal?

  • To avoid losing a tooth
  • To relieve pain
  • To preserve your ability to chew effectively and to keep all your teeth in the same location (i.e. prevent them from shifting)